A Random Post

So yesterday I just came back from Johor by train, alone, and that's not a problem for me as I'm a big gurl now ehehe 😁

The best part of yesterday was I didn't even took my breakfast, just drank some mineral water (is drinking considered as breakfast too? 😅)

Not just breakfast, I also didn't took my lunch. Wow! Just wow! I don't even felt hungry. Is my stomach become more smaller now? (Iman, pliss)

So then I decided to have a lunch with my friend but due to something I had to skip that plan. Guess what, I ordered kfc for my meal. Meaning that I didn't took any rice. Wow! A day without rice is really not me 😆

I waited patiently (not-so-patient-la-ekceli) while took some jambu (I asked my friend to bring it for me. She posted in her ig's story. It looked tempting you know, jambu on the tree, with pink colour 😍)

And finally got my order at 11. 11 o'clock. My rumet said to me that you will take ur supper iman, hahahah! Really a supper for me. And last night was raining too. So I need to go to hep to take my order 🌙☔




She misplaced my order. I already brought money 'cukup-cukup' and it costs more than the amount of money that I brought! 😮💸

So I need to go to my room, took another RM 2 and gave her.

And, when I gave the money, she said that another RM1 for the delivery charge?

Hahaha! I just said 'Oh, alamak. Lupa pulak'. I am seriously not going to my room again 😂

Then she said next time, means next order I need to give her that RM 1.

Okay then went to my room, got my Super=Supper Jimat Box🍗

I thought that I was the one who placed the order wrong (after I checked the menu on9) But then its not my fault, so its okay la. I saw that sister was tired too last night so, its okay. Thank u anw 😊 (she's not gonna read this, Iman)